Monday, April 13, 2009

SandForce Unveils Revolutionary SSD Controller

SandForce has emerged from stealth mode and unveiled a SSD controller for enterprise and mobile applications. Key features of the SF-1000 controller include:

- Dramatically higher endurance (80x) due to extremely low write amplification – significantly lower than the WA of current SSD vendors.
- Symmetrical read/write 30k IOPS and 250MB/s sequential
- 5 year drive life with no daily write limitation for MLC SSD
- No degradation in the performance as the drive fills up
- No need for external RAM or over-provisioning thereby reducing system costs
- ECC engine and RAID configuration of flash devices provides unrecoverable BER of 10E17

Existing solutions trade performance, reliability and endurance at the expense of additional cost. SandForce's DuraClass technology offers better performance, endurance and reliability at a lower system cost and paves the way for use of MLC NAND in a tiered storage hierarchy in enterprise systems. If SandForce is able to deliver on its promises, it is a truly revolutionary technology which will help drive the adoption of SSDs in both enterprise and mobile environments.


Anonymous said...

Is this a commercial product or an experimental one?

If a production one, how soon can we see a SSD using it?

Gregory Wong said...

SSD announcements using the controller in the 2nd half of the year.

Jinsheng Tang said...

Did anyone verify what Sandforce advertised?

Gregory Wong said...

Sandforce has beta devices available but no verification yet as far as I know.